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TAM’s Top Ten Beatles Songs

If you were to ask anyone from Apple, The Beatles weren’t broken on The Ed Sullivan Show. There larger than life performances that shattered records weren’t all that important. What is important is a number. 2 Million. That is the number of single songs The Beatles catalogue sold on iTunes in its opening week. Of course this is an exaggeration. All of these previous milestones were important. What shouldn’t be overshadowed is how important the bands move to iTunes is. A new generation of music fans is now having conversations with their parents about who The Beatles were and why they were great. Can you remember the first time you heard “She Loves You?” Some kids have now shared that same experience. Now that we’ve been officially introduced to The Beatles, here are our top songs by the legendary group.

  1. The Long And Winding Road: While there are plenty of songs to choose from for number one, I have chosen to start at the end. This song was the bands last to go #1 in the United States and in turn, the bands last released single. From the very first note of the piano, you can hear how Paul McCartney was able to blend his voice into just another instrument in the group. The added level of production which could of been simulated by an entire orchestra gives the song a movie soundtrack style while preserving the genuine nature of the lyrics and chords.
  2. Blackbird: Songs are often related back to moments if your own life. While this song can hold different meanings for different people, there is a resonating beauty to each and every word. The mystery surrounding the tapping sound heard in the background (some think it was a metronome, while other believe it was Paul’s foot) adds to the mysterious aura around this soft spoken classic.
  3. A Day In The Life: The first song on our list that was not a #1 song in the United States, it was the final track on Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and fuses the two geniuses of The Beatles into one lengthy song. By Beatles standards, the song which lasts just over five and a half minutes, is extremely long. With half of the song written by Paul and the other half by John Lennon, it features a whirlwind crescendo smack in the middle which connects the two parts of the song. It eventually circles back around and brings the album to a close with a mangled plunge of sounds. The final seconds of the song represent some of the highest moments for the bands psychedelic side.
  4. Hello Goodbye: Representative of what the band was capable of, this song shows off songwriting in an extremely simple nature. There is nothing complicated about this song. At the same time, it is complex, layered with dozens of extra sounds. While the first three songs on our list were dark and sometimes sad songs, this one is the complete opposite. It truly is one of the bands happiest songs.
  5. Happiness is a Warm Gun: There is a moment in this song. Just a few seconds in, Lennon’s guitar comes in with a screeching not that cuts through the entire production. Being that they were among the first bands to record a distorted guitar, this is the defining song for the style. Another song with multiple parts, the song is back to back with “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” the much more acclaimed of the two songs. This one gets my vote.
  6. Something: Is it safe to say that this is both the most beautiful song ever written and the greatest love song ever recorded? We think it is. If the opening line doesn’t melt your heart, you might be a robot.
  7. Eleanor Rigby: This one can be summed up easily. The story. As with dozens of Beatles songs, this song follows a clear story and is written a positive manner while singing about deep and dark emotions. On top of the songwriting, “Eleanor Rigby” has one the best production values you’ll find in a Beatles song. The screeching string section compliments the band perfectly.
  8. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill: Bet you weren’t expecting this one on a top ten Beatles song list. One of the covered up tracks on The White Album, it features all four members of the group singing the chorus in addition to lines by Yoko Ono and Maureen Starkey, Ringo Starr’s wife at the time. I absolutely love the imagery of these four guys sitting around singing this same chorus together.
  9. The Ballad of John and Yoko: For me, this is another random song that is often overlooked by everyday listeners of The Beatles. The groove within this song is so moving and you distinctively hear each instrument in perfect harmony. The song was recorded by only Paul and John and as the title says, follows the relationship of John and Yoko.
  10. Here, There And Everywhere: If “Something” didn’t exist, this would be the best sweet and sentimental song for The Beatles. Lines like “There, running my hands through her hair, Both of us thinking how good it can be, Someone is speaking but she doesn’t know he’s there” can only be described as genius.

Now it’s your turn!! We want to know which ten songs are your favorites. You have hundreds to choose from. Leave a comment below and let us know your favorites.

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