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Harris’ Song of the Week: Monsters by Antonio Paul

Another band on the long list of sounds from outside of the United States that I’ve fallen in love with at first listen, Antonio Paul is a duo of Australian 19 year olds. Despite their young age, they have a sound closer to The Who than Justin Bieber. The running lyrics paired with the loose surfer guitar sounds breed life into a sing a long pop band. Of the three songs I’ve been introduced to so far, “Monsters” is by far my favorite.

The vocals in bands like this always get to me. While some bands go out of their way to cover up their accents, these boys let it shine through on all levels. You can hear the twang in both their guitars and their vocals as they search the depths of their young voices for the power to both hit the high notes and sing in chant. The sound is purely irresistible. They have a presence that comes through on each and every song. Is there anything else you would want from a pair of 19 year old Aussie’s?

Click here to hear “Monsters” by Antonio Paul

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