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Happy Guy Fawkes Day!!

Just in case you haven’t realized it already, I love Guy Fawkes Day. To be honest with you, I hadn’t even heard of it until 2006 when I saw “V for Vendetta” for the first time. Ever since that day, I have loved that movie, in turn embracing November the 5th as Guy Fawkes Day. As I often do on this day, I have posted one of the best scenes from the movie. Filled with violence and beautiful dialogue, this scene from the opening shows the sheer power music can have on a movie. It features the “1812 Overture” one of the most famous classical pieces of music ever written. As I try to do every November 5th, I’ll be watching “V for Vendetta” tonight and I suggest that you do the same!!

The video is not embed able, but here is the link to YouTube!!

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