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Opinion: Worst Song of 2010, We No Speak Americano

Driving home this evening, a song came on the radio that stunned all in attendance. As an experienced satellite radio listener, I had heard the song and before long we were sharing a laugh at its expense. The song is titled “We No Speak Americano” and is performed by Yolanda Be Cool. Visiting the songs brief Wikipedia page reveals that it samples a 1956 song titled “Tu Vuo Fa L’Americano.” History lesson aside, this song is just awful. As it was so elegantly put by a fellow listener, it’s the type of music that you only want to listen to while you’re snorting coke. One could also surmise that it could be the background to a fist pumping frenzy at the Jersey Shore or in an Albanian night club.

What is frustrating about this song is the catchy synth line that runs right down the middle. As much as the lyrics make you slightly more mentally handicapped (the politically correct one?) each minute, the production isn’t all that bad. Listening to this song a few times will surely have you humming along to that annoying wannabe clarinet. I have a simple solution. Instead of listening to it even once, take my advice and go have a root canal at your local dentist. At least then you can experience some mild drugs from the comfort of a cozy arm chair that wasn’t recently used to house strippers on off nights.

For those of you who dare, here’s the song and its “official” music video:

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  • Comment by Jon c posted October 29, 2010 at 23:59


  • Comment by Robert Dean posted November 11, 2010 at 18:05

    This song makes me want to drown puppies.