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Bands To Watch: Funeral Party

There’s only so much energy that can be conveyed in a song. Slightly more can be portrayed in a music video. Despite never seeing Funeral Party live, the bands over the top, incredible energy seeps through in both the aforementioned mediums. Although their debut album doesn’t drop in the United States for over two months, the band is already creating quite a stir in the rock world. Currently on tour with Two Door Cinema Club (one of 2010′s hottest indie acts) the band leaves for a trip to the UK with arguably the hottest band of 2010, 30 Seconds To Mars.

Aside from their big name stage compadres, Funeral Party can stand on its own two feet. The bands current single “Just Because” is a high octane ride and a great introduction to a band we’ll be hearing much more about in 2011. The music video is a work of art all in itself. Intermixing clips of the band knocking over a liquor store and live concert clips, it shows off the best parts of this band; their bad ass attitude and their¬†incredible¬†live performances.

Check out the video for “Just Because” below and be sure to look out for this band sometime after the New Year.

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