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Harris’ Song of the Week: Waiting For The End by Linkin Park

You could say I’m late to the party on this one. After absolutely hating the album as a whole, I am now being subjected to Linkin Park’s first single from “A Thousand Suns” daily on mainstream radio. Although my opinion on the album hasn’t budged, I think this song is fabulous.

Despite a lack of true rapping from co-front man Mike Shinoda, the song captures a minimal spark from the bands glory days. In back tracking, the reason for me not liking the album as a whole was that it left me still wanting to hear a Linkin Park album. Although some of the songs were solid (such as this one), it just wasn’t Linkin Park. This song fits both molds.

The shining star of this song is Chester Bennington. While he screams and sings in earlier singles, this song features the soulful side of Bennington who really flexes his voice.¬†Unfortunately¬†my favorite parts of this song (as with many Linkin Park songs) is when Chester fades away giving room for Shinoda to come back in with a catchy verse like fill. All in all, this is a great song and will likely be the only single I enjoy from the next 18 months of “A Thousand Suns.”

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