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Harris’ Song of the Week: Audience of One by Rise Against

For some reason I’ve been in a progressive rock mood over the past week. Although many people define progressive rock differently, I use it as a blanket statement for any band that sounds like Nickelback or any of its deciples. Although Rise Against is traditionally a punk rock band, their second single from “Appeal To Reason” the bands 2008 release clearly fits this bill.

Opening with an echoing drum set and distant guitar noodling, the song features over the top distorted guitars layered with lead singer Tim Mcllrath’s grunge like voice. The entire song is centered around the buildup to a great pop chorus. When you boil the song down, the verse is a filler for what becomes a slow and steady build towards a great chorus.

Although my definition of prog rock might be way off, I have no other way to distinguish these bands. Sure I could say “wanna be country rockers with a flair for hard rock, generally featuring a powerful lead singer” but that doesn’t roll of the tongue as nicely as prog rock. Whatever genre you want to put this band in, this song is a likely¬†forgotten¬†single from a band that has spent most of its life outside of the spotlight.

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