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Truth About Music Police: Did Nelly Really Do That?

Over the years I’ve bee a huge supporter of Nelly. From my days in middle school jamming to “Country Grammar” to his huge singles, I’ve always liked his style. One thing I don’t appreciate is talent ripping off greater talent. Before he was the potential president of Haiti, Wycleff Jean was one of the best producers and singers in hip/hop. His largest single during his career was “Sweetest Girl” which featured Niia, Lil Wayne and Akon.

Over the weekend a friend played “Just A Dream,” a new single by Nelly. Suddenly, I felt the urge to sing the chorus to Jean’s song during the chorus. Turns out that after a slight lyrical change, these songs carry the exact same melody. It’s a melody that worked for Jean in 2007 so Nelly and company decided to try it again.¬†Unfortunately, you’ve been caught by the TAM police. Please retract your single and try again!!

For your listening pleasure, I’ve created a GarageBand crossfade between the two songs. You listen and tell us what you think:¬†Sweetest Girl Meets Just A Dream

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