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Harris’ Song of the Week: Notice Me by Alexa Ray Joel

Although the sound and style might be far from familiar sounding, the last name of this artist should arose your ears. Being the daughter of a legend like Billy Joel gives you a certain presence in the music world. Instead of competing on a show like American Idol, Alexa Ray Joel was a potential star from the time of her birth 24 years ago.

The happy go lucky style of this song is something surprisingly unique. Although many artists share this bubble gum pop genre, this song has a very cool and collected style. I found it very difficult to compare her style to that of another artist. One thing missing from this song is a piano. The instrument that made her father famous and one that she is classically trained in, there is no hint of it in “Notice Me.”

I’m very interested in hearing a full album from Joel. Her album “All I Can Do” is set to be released sometime this month. It’s safe to say that it will never live up to the expectations of her father but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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