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iTunes Free Single of the Week: “White Lies” by Stacy Clark

Download this weeks iTunes Free Single of the Week, “White Lies” by Stacy Clark here.

The last few weeks have featured absolute garbage when it comes to the iTunes free single. Finally as we hit the mid point of August there is another solid song back in the mix. I was pleasantly suprised to download this song by Stacy Clark, a native of Buffalo, New York. Her sound is similar to the hottest female artist of the summer, Katy Perry. For me, Perry’s sound has changed drastically from her upbeat, fun melodies in her debut album “One Of the Boys.” With far too much thought put into her new singles, I’m very down on her right now.

Lucky for all of us, Clark has the fresh taste on this sound. It’s everything you could want from a single. It’s fun and upbeat with a ton of energy. Although no specific part of this song stands out to me, it really does work as a complete work. She has just enough of that small town girl feel to make it real while creating a true bubble gum pop sound with the instrumentation. For those of you who have listened to Lights, a singer songwriter from Canada, Clark’s synth parts are very similar to hers.

This song is worth the hard drive space and might even prompt you to purchase the EP which is on sale through iTunes this week.

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