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Opinion: Iconic Band Minus Iconic Singer Equals Iconic Side Project

What do you get when you take an iconic lead singer and place him into his own side project? Well you’re left with the same band minus all the members you didn’t care about. There are only a handful of artists out there that can make this statement stand up. Brandon Flowers of The Killers is most definitely one of them.

With The Killers in a hiatus, Flowers hasn’t wasted any time putting together a self titled side project. When the first single was released in June most would be hard pressed to decipher the song from one of the many Killers songs Flowers had written during his tenure with the band. Listening to it time and time again I am still hard pressed to find one key element that makes the sound different from his previous band’s work.

Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, bands like The Killers are formed around the uniqueness of their lead singers. Although many bands could (and have) make it without their frontmen, bands like Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance or Sum 41 could never survive. The one element that makes these bands unique lies within the raspy, beautiful, soothing voice of the lead singer giving that one person control over the band’s collective fate.

Now, as Flowers sets to release his solo album entitled “Flamingo,” most fans of The Killers will flock to his side. For all they know, the sound they have grown to love is still there and although Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. may be just as important to The Killers as Flowers was, few fans of the band will ever stick around to see what side projects these musicians go on to form in the coming months. That said, I am anxiously awaiting the release of “Flamingo” and look forward to hearing what Flowers does without the rest of the band by his side.

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  • Comment by Scarlet posted August 16, 2010 at 10:46

    I think the frontman is the most visible person, so it’s obvious that fans will flock to their side-projects. I would’ve liked Flowers to have been a little more challenging and different with his project though. He may as well have just stayed with the band!
    Love the blog :)

  • Comment by jon posted August 26, 2010 at 21:58

    i disagree with you on only one thing, when you say “you’re left with the same band minus all the members you didn’t care about.” Dave Keuning (Lead Guitar) is the founder of The Killers, and Flowers auditioned for him, and without Ronnie Vannucci (Drums), who has written numerous songs for the killers, and Mark Stoermer (Bass) there would be know heart to the band. I agree that Flower’s amazing and unique voice is in fact the voice of the Killers, and although they are on hiatus, they are still very much a band, in fact, Ronnie is the drummer on a few of Flower’s songs and judging by those crisp 16th notes in “Crossfire” i believe he’s on that track too. All im trying to say here is, yes, Flower’s is an iconic frontman, but don’t forget about the rest of the band… their connection and ability to work together is what has given Flower’s the ability both artistically and fiscally as well as built up enough of a fan base for him to branch out on his own.