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Harris’ Song of the Week: My Best Theory by Jimmy Eat World

Exited? I guess you could use that word to describe the upcoming album from pop/rock group Jimmy Eat World. After two amazing albums, the band degressed with their 2007 release “Chase This Light.” With the first decade of the century behind us, it looks like Jimmy Eat World is back and their first single from the upcoming album “Invented” gives me a lot of hope.

Although they did not completely abondon the sound that made them so great in the early ’00s, they have turned the sound on its ear giving it a slight ’90s grunge retrospective. You have to assume that the band would get sick of a certain sound after a while. Instead of hitting the drawing board again, they gave the sound a little more dirty guitar and just a tad more echo in the microphones.

This combination has made for a great first single in “My Best Theory.” Although I enjoy the single, the song represents more new music to come from Jimmy Eat World and that is what got me exited to hear this song.

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