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Harris’ Song of the Week: I Just Wanna Run by The Downtown Fiction

It took nearly eight days but I finally found a song deserving of my last song of the week in July. Sitting down to watch the season premeire of “Jersey Shore” I was greeted with an amazing music interface by MTV which allows you to see what songs are playing during the episode. An entire season of watching the show online took that interactivity away from me.

Regardless, it didn’t take much to figure out the name of this song and it took even less time to decide I really liked it. A band that would generally be left to the alternative rock genre, The Downtown Fiction have a great sense of the genre they fit into. It’s just hard enough to be involved in the rock discussion but emotional enough to fall under that sub genre.

The song itself is a really fun song with a somewhat original sound. I would highly recomend it. Here’s the video, lyrics and all!!

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