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The Truth About Inception

Going in with extremely high hopes for one of the summers biggest movies, I was setting myself up for disappointment. Luckily, I was floored by the work of Christopher Nolan, Leonardo Dicaprio and a group of unsung actors who have made “Inception” a winner. Although it’s been said in many reviews before, a key element to this movie are the stunning visuals. In a period of time dominated by 3-D, Nolan and company were able to blow us away with visuals so epic and twisted that you were left in a constant state of awe.

There were certain shots in this movie that now, one day later, are still sticking in my head. The way that they framed an elevator shaft during a zero gravity sequence, the way that a mirror can shatter from just a slight touch. These simple events were put to the silver screen perfectly. One thing that drove me a little crazy was the simplicity of this “complicated” movie. By almost every account, the movie was supposed to really make you think about life and by many accounts, it took a second viewing to fully grasp the concepts of “Inception.”

This is simply ludicrous. Despite the extremely imaginative plot and over the top story line involving four parallel universes, the movie lays itself at the mercy of the masses. Whereas movies like “The Matrix” left things unanswered, Dicaprio and the rest of the cast ensured that the audience was brought up to speed on almost every little detail of the complicated process. It was as if the cast spent much of the movie saying things like “If you do this, this happens, and if you do that, then that happens.” There was nothing left to the imagination.

Despite this huge annoyance, it was clear why the film makers took this root. It makes the movie more accessible to more people. The individual performances in the movie were really well done. While Nolan regulars Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow in the Batman movies) and Michael Caine (Alfred in the Batman movies) went through the motions, performances by lesser known actors really shined in supporting roles. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was incredible as Dicaprio’s #2 man and the lesser known Tom Hardy shined as the movies main action star and smart ass.

That leaves us with the two main performances in this movie. Dicaprio and Ellen Paige team up to create the inner circle of this group. Despite not being romantically involved, their emotional battles within the movie give the movie another layer (no pun intended). Dicaprio was not at his historical best personally. He played his part well but only shined because of the incredible supporting cast around him.

Overall the movie lived up to expectations and is certainly a great return to the screen for Nolan, after the huge success of “The Dark Knight.” If you’re “that guy” at your office, or the kid in the group that “doesn’t pay to see movies in theater’s” put aside the boring lecture and go see “Inception.” It’s worth every penny.

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  • Comment by Jeremy posted July 26, 2010 at 18:01

    Couldn’t agree more about Joseph Gordon-Levitt… more people will be paying attention to him, no doubt about it. He could potentially take a lead role in a major action flick. If you ask me, he would have been the perfect choice to play Peter Parker in Spider-Man when the role was first given to Tobey McGuire. Now he’s a little “too old” to play the part.