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Harris’ Song of the Week: Clap Your Hands by Sia

This song hit my like a brick wall. Stemming from Australia, Sia is a singer songwriter who has had marginal success around the world. Although I had never listened to her music, I had certainly heard of her before this single. What makes a song like this great is that for the first minute you can’t tell if the verse is listenable. It’s on the second run through the verse after you’ve heard the chorus that this song really gets going.

It’s an upbeat electro pop anthem that can compete with any song out there right now. Although the video will make you think of Lady Gaga on acid, the song itself is not very reminiscent of the pop superstar. Instead, her sound is a more electronic with Sia’s voice front and center. The fact that Sia was once a writer for Christina Aguilera is completely evident in her style. When you first hear this song you could easily hear a resemblance to Aguilera.

Sia’s album peaked at #2 on the Australian charts and at #37 on the Billboard 200 (U.S.). It will be interesting to see how much this single effects Sia’s American presence. This is a ┬ásure fire pop hit and the video is so ridiculous that it comes off as artsy and fun. Enjoy!!

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