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Are A Rocket To The Moon the Largest Warped Tour Snub?

The Truth About Music’s first ever Van Warped Tour experience was a blur. There were tons of bands, tons of people and most importantly, tons of music!! It was interesting to note which bands were playing on the various stages. Bands like The Cab, Sum 41, The All American Rejects and Motion City Soundtrack played some of the larger stages while relative unknowns like Breathe Electric and We Are The In Crowd played the smaller stages.

There was one band missing from both of these places. A Rocket To The Moon have enjoyed immense success following the release of their album “On Your Side” which featured the smash single “Like We Used To.” Despite having one of the hottest songs in the country (#25 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart) and one of the hottest rock albums of the summer (currently #82 on the Billboard 200), the band finds itself playing acoustic shows around the Warped Tour.

TAM caught up with Justin Richards, guitar player for A Rocket To The Moon to ask him about this experience. “We did three weeks of it last year with a full band, this year it’s just Nick and I. Some days we’ll have the local pop radio station give out tickets to see us, or it will be the first 25 people to go say the word of the day at the Fueled By Ramen tent, which is usually like ‘rocket.’”

This shocked me. I followed up by asking Justin where they were going to be playing that very day. To my surprise, he said that they had already played, performing an acoustic set somewhere on the outskirts of the tours parking lot setting. This didn’t seem appropriate given the success of their first major single. Despite missing their set, it was cool to catch up with Justin. He talked a lot about the bands aspirations to meld their sound into the country genre with dreams of touring with Lady Antebellum.

We finished our chat by talking about the aforementioned single. “Like We Used To” has driven A Rocket To the Moon to unheard of fame. My biggest question for Justin was about what it was like being a small band from Massachusetts and hearing your song on the radio. His response was classic.

When we go around to radio stations and we actually hear that it’s on the radio, it’s like, this is happening, it’s actually coming true. It’s like the whole Wonders thing in that movie, running down the streets like ‘we’re on the radio.’ It’s insane, you feel proud…it’s nice.

Here is the full interview conducted by Harris of The Truth About Music on July 11th, 2010 in Hartford, CT:

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