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#musicmonday: Cheryl Cole – “Fight For This Love”

If you read any entertainment headlines last week you may have seen this singers name pop up. The English pop princess may have almost died after contracting malaria. Of course this isn’t the only thing Cheryl Cole is known for, but this is part of the reason why i chose “Fight For This Love” as my #musicmonday this week. The other reason is that it was featured in DJ Earworm’s multi-Top 40 mashup “Like, OMG Baby” that’s been playing on the New York radio stations recently.

Originally Part of Girls Aloud–notably one of the most achieving reality TV musical groups around, who never made it to the USA–Cole’s career has also included judging reality TV shows as well as launching a solo career. She’s kind of won the hearts of the British people, and it might be good to share some of that love with an American audience. “Fight For This Love” is definitely one of my favorite songs from her solo career and i hope you enjoy it too.

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