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#musicmoday: Hockey – “Song Away”

The Who and What:

It was late last year when an album from a band i’d never heard made their way into my eardrums. This very same album turned out to be one of my favorite albums of the year. The album was “Mind Chaos,” and the band was “Hockey” out of Portland, Oregon. The album was different from anything that I was listening to at the time, with loads of energy and a uniqueness that set it apart from everything else.

There were many songs that I liked when I first listened to it, some shined brightly at first but have since been eclipsed by a modified set, of which this week’s #musicmonday, “Song Away” leads the pack. It was the song I enjoyed most when i went with The Truth About Music to go see Hockey perform at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City this March. They put on a great show and only served to strengthen my attachment to this small yet interesting band.

The Why:

Music has a way of getting you through the moments in your life, and this song captures all those moments. Its amazing how music can mean so much and yet be so simple. In the end, as the song says, “tomorrow is just a song away,” and as you listen you want to believe it. Now, I dont want to spend this whole article quoting this song, but i think there are many good, truthful and really smart lyrics to pull from.

Thoughtful and dynamic lyrics that state one thing then turn it on its head to lead to another. Lead singer Benjamin Grubi’s truley unique voice melds with the upbeat music of his band mates to fortify the song. Everything comes together to create the feeling that makes this song so appealing to me.

The Song:

(screw you EMI for disabling the embed of thier music videos)

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