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Harris’ Song of the Week: “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz

After a few weeks off, I’m back to writing for The Truth About Music consistently. The song that drove me back to the blog was off of an album that I recently reviewed. This song, by Taio Cruz, stood out to me when I first reviewed the album, but hearing it as a single in a bar totally changed my perspective on it.

“Dynamite” has a chance to become Cruz’s second huge single following “Break Your Heart.” The song itself has everything you want in a hit single. It has a catchy chorus backed by great instrumentals. Furthermore, it has a sing along verse and a hook that you can really sink your teeth into. The only weakness in the song is the end which comes and goes without much accord.

As this song ends, the smash single opens with Ludacris leading the way. Regardless of how well this song performs on the charts, “Dynamite” will help to make Cruz’s US debut “Rokstarr” a memorable album.

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