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iTunes Free Single of the Week: “Break Me Out” by The Rescues

You can download “Break Me Out” by The Rescues for free on iTunes now.

What a musical mashup this is. Very rarely does a song come along that has this many genre’s, vocal styles and musical arrangements crammed into one song. The Rescues stem from Los Angeles and have somehow found a way to bring together styles from all throughout the musical spectrum. The quartet of musicians created a song in “Break Me Out” that opens with shades of ’90s rockers Wheatus but somehow wind country, modern alternative rock, electro pop and even a little female singer/songwriter into a song that lasts just under four minutes.

I’m still undecided if I like this song or not. One thing is for sure. Any song that gets so many genres so right deserves some hard drive space, especially when the song is free. This one is most definitely worth the download.

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