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#musicmoday: Will Young – “Leave Right Now”

Dave Hitchings is English born, Hartford located music and tech blogger and web developer. You can follow him on Twitter at @davehitchings.

The What:

This weeks #musicmonday was actually inspired by a different song. When I first began hearing Drake’s single “Find Your Love” on the radio I had, at that point, no idea who was the singer behind it. One option I contested was this singer, Will Young, feasibly because he had been featured all season on American Idol. I thought perhaps, 8 years after winning England’s Pop Idol, he may have made it to these shores. While he may not have made it to radio airplay, Will Young is a talented artist and worthy of being this weeks #musicmonday.

The Who:

English based Will Young was the original winner of England’s Pop Idol. The very same format that has evolved into American Idol and spun off series like America’s Got Talent and (the forthcoming) X-Factor. It was a format that was untested–bringing someone from complete unknown and thrusting them wholeheartedly into the spotlight. Young handled it remarkably well and set the standard for years to come, releasing his first single and joining the list of one of the best selling singles in UK history.

The Why:

While this song has a considerably slower tempo than the songs that i usually choose for my #musicmondays, it kinds of lends to the charm of the song. Soulful and Elegant, the music has enough in it to bring you into the song, while you may not be brought on straight away by lyrics or vocals. But as soon as it hits the chorus you find Will Young and the song hitting their stride. From there you’re in, captured by the melody and Young’s soft yet powerful voice and captured in the moment of the song.

The Song:

Dave Hitchings Wherever I go music goes with me, and I’ve gone far. From England to America, and a quick stop in Australia, the places I’ve lived have inspired and changed me. Each one has left their individual musical imprint. The vast difference between these musical cultures leaves me open-minded and willing.
My respect for music runs deep, and I want to share this music with you. …see full bio

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