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#musicmoday: K’Naan – “Wavin’ Flag (Celebration Mix)”

Dave Hitchings is English born, Hartford located music and tech blogger and web developer. You can follow him on Twitter at @davehitchings.

The What:

A little over a year ago the iTunes Free Single of the Week was a song by a guy named K’Naan called “Bang Bang”. The song featured Adam Levine from Maroon 5, and is perhaps one of my favorite free downloads I’ve ever received from the iTunes program. From that same album (“Troubadour”) comes another song, this one though selected for even greater merits–the Official Coca-Cola World Cup 2010 song. The song was also recorded separately for Haiti relief earlier this year.

The Who:

Who is K’Naan? Well the music industry seems to know him. In addition to his partnership with Adam Levine his album “Trubadour” was co produced by Bruno Mars (you know the guy off of B.O.B.’s “Nothing On You” and Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire”). This week’s #musicmonday also had a version that featured Will.I.Am and David Guetta. Born in Somalia, Africa K’Naan survived through that war ravaged region, before moving to Canada at 13.

The Why:

Its football (soccer) fever. the world has it and this song captures it perfectly. I couldn’t put it more perfectly than YouTube user OriginalOwlAssassin said, “this song represents what the World Cup should be about, not my country is better than yours, but true fellowship and unity through a universal medium.” This is really why i chose this song this week on top of the fact that it really is a good song. Musically it captures the senses, in a way the words dont matter (which is particularly prevalent in the bilingual mixes that have sprung up). So let this song get you in the mood, because the next month could be amazing. Sidenote: Lets go England!

The Song:

Dave Hitchings Wherever I go music goes with me, and I’ve gone far. From England to America, and a quick stop in Australia, the places I’ve lived have inspired and changed me. Each one has left their individual musical imprint. The vast difference between these musical cultures leaves me open-minded and willing.
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