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Un-#musicmoday: The Songs You’ll Be Sick Of…

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As I missed my regular #musicmonday column this week, I thought I’d supplement the Truth About Music with a post based on the #musicmonday format.

It’s summer, that means time off, road trips and lots of radio listening. The problem? Radio stations have no idea what they do to songs that they play too much. And summer songs seem to bear the brunt of this assault. Think Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” or Jordin Sparks’ “Battlefield.”

The three songs listed below are not bad songs. In fact most are quite the opposite. But give them a summer and you’ll want to throw your radio out the car window when the come on.

un-#musicmoday: Travie McCoy – “Billionaire”

After dropping a girlfriend (Katy Perry) and the other 3/4 of Gym Class Heroes, Travie also dropped the “s” off of his name and a new single. This song has all the markings of the next “I’m Yours”–a song you can easily get into and sing along with. Bruno Mars, who is featured in the single, pulls the whole song together and the melody keeps you engaged. Plus, who doesn’t want to be a billionaire?

un-#musicmoday: B.O.B. – “Airplanes”

It was the song everyone was talking about when Atlanta based rapper Bobby Ray (aka B.O.B) first album hit the stores. Through dorm rooms and on Facebook walls the chorus’ message resounded. More than “Billionaire,” “Airplanes” message was one that struck a chord in the hearts of many of the albums listeners. ” Despite the fact that “Nothing On You” was the first single released, “Airplanes” is set to eclipse its popularity by huge margins.

un-#musicmoday: Lady Gaga – “Alejandro”

No one can find fault in the Gaga dynasty right now. She is hotter than the sun and looks like she wont be dying out anytime soon. From Glee to Youtube to Billboard, there is noone more dominant in the music industry right now. And like all the singles before, “Alejandro” will be no different. Airplay will be generous, and before you know it you’ll be sick of this song just like the others. But there’s no doubt she’ll release a new single before long, and before this single gets too old.

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