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Harris’ Song of the Week: “The Perfect Mistake” by Cartel

After seeing this band a few weeks ago during the AP Tour in New Haven, I realized how good they really are. With a great melodic sound, Cartel is a band that I wish I had been intersted in earlier in my life. This week’s song of the week comes from the band’s latest album “Cycles” which came out in October 2009. The song itself was first released as a single in February but didn’t really take off until the warmth of spring hit.

Now, with summer right around the corner, this song will certainly make a run at being one of the stand out alternative rock songs of this season. What makes this song great is its old school feel. Even though you quickly grasp the easily identified vocals of Will Pugh, the song has a sound that was present in alternative rock years before the band’s debut in 2004.

A palm muted guitar anchors the entire chorus, and after a brief bridge the song hits a fantastic climax right as the chorus hits. Cartel saw most of their success in 2005 when their album “Chroma” had two hit singles (“Say Anything” and “Honestly“). Now, five years later, the band is trying reinvent itself, making their sound relevant to the 2010 pop punk audience that flock to shows like trailer park inhabitants to a Lynard Skynard concert.

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