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Glee Continues To Dominate, Are The Actors Paid To Sing?

Over the last year, America has become infatuated with Fox’s “Glee.” A show about being an awkward, out of place student in high school, “Glee” not only dominates its time slot on television but also has become one of the top selling albums of 2010. Last week the franchise released its fourth installment of it’s physical albums titled “Glee: The Music, Vol. 3 Showstoppers” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.

With a revolutionary show comes a revolutionary set of rules for the cast members involved in “Glee.” One question that has not been answered is how much money the cast of “Glee” is being paid. Of course these kids (and some adults) are paid by Fox as actors but my question lies in the music. As the actors in the show, their voices are represented on each of the shows top selling albums, singles and EP’s.

Such a lucrative business never fails to have some scandal. Although nothing has been made public (to my knowledge), I’m curious how much money these kids are making from the music alone? Is Fox ripping them off, paying them as actors and keeping most of the profits from the record sales? Who knows, maybe Fox is being totally fair, paying these talented actors a portion of album sales but until I see that I can’t help but assume the worst. Hopefully someone will let us know soon, but for now here’s hoping the Ryan Murphy and company is doing the right thing.

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