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iTunes Free Single of the Week: Marina and the Diamonds

You can download Marina and the Diamonds “I Am Not A Robot” for free on iTunes now.

This weeks free iTunes single of the week comes from a highly anticipated album that is also out today. As we discussed in this weeks Music Radar, Marina and the Diamonds are a group that have seen great success in Europe and are finally releasing their breakout album in America.

“I Am Not A Robot” is this weeks single and puts the vocals of lead singer Marina front and center. Her ability to own a song is displayed in the song as she gives us a taste of her unique Welsh accent. The production of this song is a little over the top and actually gets somewhat annoying by the end but Marina’s voice always brings you back. Listen to this song and tell me that she doesn’t sound just like Kate Nash.

As a listener, I was pretty interested in picking up this album and now that I’ve heard this song, my interest remains. Check out their debut album out today in America titled “The Family Jewels.”

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