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#musicmoday: Florence + The Machine – “You’ve Got The Love”

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The Who:

With a huge voice, Florence Welch has guided her band Florence + The Machine from a position of relative unknown to a position of chart toping success. She may not have done it completely herself–BBC Introducing had a big hand in it–but she and her band are no less deserving of this success. In the span of a year, Florence + The Machine went from playing small London venues to playing the biggest of festivals including Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds (2 years running, 2008/2009).

The What:

In the middle of last year, Florence + The Machine released their first and (as of right now) only album “Lungs.” The album went multi-platinum in the UK and Ireland and platinum in Australia. With a number of good singles including “Dog Days are Over,” her next single “Cosmic Love,” and this weeks #musicmonday “You’ve Got The Love,” the album also faired well in singles charts around the world. Despite this fact, Florence + The Machine have not reached the United States borders yet, and I can’t imagine they will on this album. There is always hope for the next album though.

The Why:

As a song “You’ve Got The Love” has a lot more potential than any of the other songs on the Album “Lungs.” As a general insight, it’s energy is greater in proportion to the other singles. The staying power for this song’s chorus in my head is incredible–I’ll be singing it for hours. While on top the song may seem somewhat simple (you may consider it to be chorus heavy), there is a certain depth when it is unearthed. Her band’s music compliment her voice, brining each song to life with a hearty variety of instruments and styles. The size of her voice is really characterized by this song, with lots of big notes to hit and sustain throughout. Dynamically the song changes, from upbeat and fast to a slower section and back again, yet remains a unified and interesting song.

The Song:

Dave Hitchings Wherever I go music goes with me, and I’ve gone far. From England to America, and a quick stop in Australia, the places I’ve lived have inspired and changed me. Each one has left their individual musical imprint. The vast difference between these musical cultures leaves me open-minded and willing.
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