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“Shrek Forever After” Works While 3D Does Not

This was a first for me. Not only was I attending a movie premiere at 10 A.M., it was the first movie I would ever see in theaters in 3D (that’s right kids, I didn’t see “Avatar” in 3D). Three years after “Shrek The Third,” this new (and final) chapter in the series traces the story backwards. You essentially find out what would have happened in the first story if the character Shrek (Mike Meyers) was never born.

Although it seemed like a cheesy story to tell, the writers pulled it off, introducing a slew of new characters to help move the storyline forward. The largest addition to the cast was Walt Dohm, a veteran Hollywood voice actor who played Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpel was essentially a witch who traded in black magic. He would grant wishes to people while trying benefit from their desperation. This character was extremely well written and created a truly unlikeable villain for Shrek and Fiona (Cameron Diaz) to defeat.

Puss (Antonio Banderas) and Donkey (Eddie Murphy) were both back in their respective roles as Shrek’s side kicks. What seemed to lack in this movie were moments of laugh out loud comedy. This seems to be a trend that began after the first movie. Each installment in the series has been less funny. Although there were funny themes (Rumpel has a different wig based on his mood that he calls for when needed), there weren’t many moments where the crowd (made mostly of kids) laughed in unison.

The other detracting part of this movie was the 3D element. Thought to make the movie experience more real and lifelike, the 3D in this movie was cheesy and unnecessary. Scenes were added in just to show them using 3D. These scenes were not needed and therefore distracted from the story itself. Furthermore, the faster moving scenes were completely blurred out. It was as if the 3D shooting for the movie couldn’t be done at faster paces. This seemed like an attempt to get on board the 3D train and less of an attempt to be artistic and creative with such a great technology.

Should you see this movie? Sure. It’s a fun ride into Shrek’s world. There are fights, jokes, emotional battles and a very followable storyline. What you don’t need to do is see it in 3D. If this movie is offered in normal dimensions at your local theater, don’t pay the extra money, see it the way movies have been seen for 80-years.

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  • Comment by Aura Finken posted June 17, 2010 at 05:39

    Hi, also love the Shrek movies, great film!