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Harris’ Song of the Week: “I Made It” by Kevin Rudolf

I’m ashamed to admit this. As much as I trashed Kevin Rudolf’s first single (“Let It Rock”) this song actually connects with me. Maybe it’s my fast approaching college graduation but something about the chorus is uplifting to me. It does scare me a little that a marginally successful artist is rapping about “making it.” If this song were to accurately describe Rudolf’s career it would sing, “I’ve had some success with a few singles, I might still make it.” But hey, who am I to judgeMy favorite part is Jay Sean’s rap in the middle.

This song reminds me of “Forever” by Drake. It is a song by a moderate artist with some larger scale talent featured on the song. Although he fire power isn’t quite that of “Forever” there are still some quality versus. Unfortunately, unlike “Forever” which is carried by Eminem and Kanye West, this song’s biggest guns are that of Lil Wayne. If you’ve read anything on this site you know my contempt for Wayne. This is another example of him rapping on someone else’s song while never really producing anything of substance on his own.

Overall this song is not only a happy upbeat jam, it is sure to be one of the summers biggest party anthems.

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