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American Idol Recap, Predictions For Tonight

This was an interesting week for the “American Idol” contestants. Each chose one song featured in a movie to sing as a solo artist and another to perform with another member of the top four. While the solo performances were lackluster, the duets were incredible. The worst performance of the night came from the Michael Lynche. Despite a great song choice in Michael Jacksons “Will You Be There” (from “Free Willy”), Lynche never really connected with the song as the entire production overcame him. It turned into what amounted to bad karaoke.

Standing directly in the middle of the road were Casey James and Lee Dewyze. Both of these performers followed up their best weeks on Idol with performances that left us wishing that had chosen different songs and done more with them. Dewyze’s rendition of “Kiss From A Rose” was almost a straight cover. Changing almost nothing, he gave America what they probably will end up wanting, a recognizable song performed the way it was written by Seal. For Kara Dioguardi’s money (as well as my own) we would of preferred he did the song solo.

Michael Lynche

James put a little more originality into “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon and Garfunkel. Sitting at the front of the stage with a ukulele, James did his best to connect with the song that all of the judges assumed was a message from him to Dioguardi. The best solo performance of the night was from Krystal Bowersox. After two very generic weeks, Bowersox shined singing “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins (from “Caddyshack”). Her vocals were front and center and she flexed that muscle to the max. Dioguardi and Ellen Degeneres both agreed that she performed the song better than as it was originally written.

The duets were intertwined into the show. First up were Dewyze and Bowersox. Singing “Falling Slowly” from “Once,” the two singer songwriter types starred at each other at a 90 degree angle from the crowd and sold it. They looked at each other and really made us feel that song. What made the song not work was the overpowering Bowersox completely blowing Dewyze out of the water. He was off pitch while Bowersox shined through, saving the duet from imminent disaster.

Next up was Lynche and James performing “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” by Bryan Adams. These two nailed it. Their harmonies were perfect and their voices blended so beautifully together. Although it was less sincere than the first performance, the song got better as it reached the end, leaving the audience pining for more.

When it’s all said and done, the rest of this contest is less about vocal performance and arrangement and more about song selection and popularity. The weakest link going into this week was Lynche and he didn’t do enough to save himself. He will most likely be going home, missing the top three, his goal from one year ago.

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