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iTunes Free Single of the Week: Outasight


You can download Outasight’s “Catch Me If You Can” on iTunes now.

Stemming from a town very close to my home in New York, Richard Andrew is the man behind the stage name Outasight. With music as a constant in his life, Outasight has an old school funky element to his rapping. With blaring horns similar to ’70s disco, there are clearly influences all over his iTunes Free Single from many different decades.

The song itself seems split into two parts. There is the upbeat parts in which you have the horns, and a more intricate back beat. There is also a very grunge sounding guitar layered into these parts. The other parts of the song are held together by the rapping of Outasight with just a dream beat and bass line. There is something missing from these parts of the song. It seems to get boring for the minutes in between the much more exiting choruses.

This is is¬†definitely¬†worth the space on your hard drive if just for the cool, funky chorus. I’m not sure Tom Hanks and Leonardo Decaprio would be fans of Outasight, but “Catch Me If You Can” is certainly worth four minutes of your life. Let me know what you think of it!!

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