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#musicmoday: Every Avenue – “Tell Me I’m A Wreck”

Dave Hitchings is English born, Hartford located music and tech blogger and web developer. You can follow him on Twitter at @davehitchings.

The Who:

Two Friday’s ago Every Avenue opened the AP Tour in New Haven, a night that included The Cab, acoustic performances from Cartel and We the Kings and was headlined by NeverShoutNever. While the band has been around for 7 years now, I only came to know them last year with the release of “Picture Perfect.” From that moment I liked them, and they were part of the reason for battling a bus fire on I-91 to get there. “Tell Me I’m a Wreck” is this weeks #musicmonday.

The What:

While initially not my favorite song from their second studio album “Picture Perfect,” it has quickly become it (it was previously “Always, Forever”–the first song on the album). Officially “Tell Me I’m a Wreck” was the first single released, but the single never got charted in the United States (the album only reached number 136). It is sad for a definably good band to not get the respect they deserve, as they are a good band both recorded and, as i found out, live.

The Why:

Aside from horns in a song, my second favorite thing is when the vocals carry a song in. Jason Letkiewicz, the lead singer from Every Avenue has just the voice to do this, and it’s exemplified in the first verse of this song. Accompanied only by a palm muted guitar Jason introduces us to the melody. Then they up the ante, building, and breaking into the chorus with style and power. Its a great way to start a song and Every Avenue pull it off incredibly well. The guitar solo, while a rehash of the chorus’ melody, adds a line of variety in the songs composition. Over all the song is really addicting. the one downside is that they do jump to the chorus a lot so the song could get a bit repetitive, but I think they vary the levels a lot to keep it interesting.

The Song:

Dave Hitchings Wherever I go music goes with me, and I’ve gone far. From England to America, and a quick stop in Australia, the places I’ve lived have inspired and changed me. Each one has left their individual musical imprint. The vast difference between these musical cultures leaves me open-minded and willing.
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  • Comment by Ginger posted May 10, 2010 at 19:03

    Jason isn’t in the band anymore, and he was their guitarist. Their singer’s name is Dave Strauchman. Still, a great song and band.