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American Idol Recap, Prediction For Tonight

Last night, the top five from “American Idol” tackled the songs of Frank Sinatra with the guidance of big band extraordinaire Harry Connick Jr. Aside from being one of the best mentors the show has ever had, he played piano on stage during each performance, interacting with each singer in his own unique way. For almost all of the five remaining contestants, this night was magical. For one it was a disaster.

The best of the night was a close call between the final two performances of the night. Michael Lynche and Lee Dewyze were the last two to perform, singing “The Way You Look Tonight” and “That’s Life” respectively. Lynche was in his element. He looked the part, he sang the part and his vocals were incredible for the first time in a long time. Dewyze was really comfortable on stage and as the judges pointed out, he had opened up and for the first time this season didn’t look awkward on stage. After the performance, Kara Dioguardi asked him if he thought he could win. He said yes. The judges are ready to crown their victor.

For me, Lynche was actually better than Dewyze. His vocals were stronger and he just fit that genre so perfectly. For someone who has been so close to going home, this was a huge moment for Lynche. Dewyze has been the front runner since r&b week when her performed “Treat Her Like A Lady” by The Cornelius Brothers (that week was the top 10). That’s five weeks being the front runner and last night he continued his dominance over the rest of the field.

Casey James

The worst of the night, and possibly the worst performance since Didi Benami during r&b week (when she went home) came from Casey James. Singing the classic standard “Blue Skies” James was out of tune almost the entire time, very uncomfortable and sounded like terrible karaoke. This was by far his worst. James ran into trouble as soon as the name Frank Sinatra was dropped. As a country and rock n’ roll artist, James was completely out of his element and showed America that he can’t stand on vocals alone.

Aaron Kelley and Krystal Bowersox were somewhere in the middle last night. They weren’t great but certainly weren’t bad. Kelley sang “Fly Me To The Moon” to lead off the show. When he sang it I thought that it was great. As Dewyze and Lynche hit the stage I realized that it was just ok. His voice is great but just wasn’t big enough to fill the entire room. Bowersox looked stunning getting up to sing “Summer Wind” in what amounted to a prom dress. She did a good job but felt uncomfortable without her guitar, awkwardly holding the microphone stand. Regardless, her vocals made it great and it worked.

My predictions for tonight are tough. At this point, you can’t just be good, you have to be great. I’m not sure if there is a bottom three when there are only five people left. If there were one, I would have Aaron Kelley, Casey James and Krystal Bowersox in the bottom three with James going home. We can only hope that people don’t vote for James based on looks alone because if that’s the case, Lynche or Kelley could find themselves in danger tonight.

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