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iTunes Free Single of the Week: Josh Ritter

You can download Josh Ritter’s “Change of Time” free from iTunes here.

After a week away from this column, I thought it was important enough to bring it back. With hard drive space being so valuable these days, decisions must be made. Just becuase it says free, doesn’t mean you should click download. This weeks song is called “Change of Time” by Josh Ritter.

Stretching back to 1999, Ritter has had a long career out of the spotlight. With half a dozen albums and even more EP’s, he has spent much of his career making a name for himself in Europe. The Idaho born singer and songwriter has tried, with small success, to break into the American pop world. Nothing like a free single of the week to take it to the next level.

I will admit that it is a beautiful song. It’s melodies are perfect and there is a sweet balance between his voice and what is going on behind him. While this song is representivie of Ritter’s work, the song itself is somewhat lackluster and fails to stick with the listener roughly three seconds after it ends. If you are in the mood for a smooth rock song capable of putting an ogre to sleep, Ritter’s free single of the week is for you.

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