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The Truth About Music Radar: May 3rd, 2010

Welcome to May!! After an exciting winter of music, summer is right around the corner and so is a season full of exciting music. Unfourtunately for this week, there isn’t that much to get excited for. Sure there are new records from Michael Bolton, Godsmack and the Hold Steady, but none of these releases are making me salivate. Instead, they will be passed over at the record stores. Those groups are so five-to-fifteen years ago.

If I had to purchase one album this week it would probably be Minus The Bear’s album “Omni.” Although I despise this band, their sound and attitude, I would probably enjoy ripping this album a new one before discarding it. This is probably the best week to look back through the winter and spring seasons and catch up on things you may have missed. Check out our previous Music Radars for some suggestions on new music (that’s actually listenable).

Finally, I leave you this week with some hope. In the coming months we will see new releases from Keane, Tokyo Police Club, Janelle Monae, Stone Temple Pilots and Christina Aguilera.

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