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#musicmoday: V.V. Brown – “Game Over”

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VV Brown during SXSW 2010

The What:

While it was “Shark In The Water” that initially drew me into V.V. Brown, this probably isn’t the right song on which to judge her. “Shark In The Water” is the red sheep of the album, it definitely sticks out–this is not to say that it is bad nor that the rest of the album is bad, it’s just different. As a representative for the album and V.V. Brown as a whole, I decided to pick “Game Over,” also her latest single, as this week’s #musicmonday.

The Who:

V.V. Brown is a English born singer, though her heritage is Jamaican, which subtlety influences her music. Her debut album, “Traveling With the Light,” was released last year with glowing reviews. 2009 was touted to be V.V. Brown’s year, but in the U.S, that never happened so I’m naming it 2010. Here’s to hearing more from this artist this year.

The Why:

Watch out. This song is pure, contagious, colorful fun. The song bursts to life with a gospel inspired rendition of the key melody. In essence, the music sounds like Maroon 5 (think “Harder to Breath”) and Amy Whinehouse (though, on anti-depressants) copulating, making beautiful music. To identify all the sounds comprising this song, would take a while, you have the drum, guitar, synth, horns and what seems to be the same instrument tinkling from the back of “Carry Out” by Timberland. I can almost guarantee you will have the chorus stuck in your head all day. With lines like “And I don’t give a damn, my heart may be drunk but my mind is sober,” you cant help but love this song.

The Song:

If you love what you hear, check her out acoustic. This girl is amazing.

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