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Harris’ Song of the Week: “This Ain’t A Love Song” by Scouting For Girls

"Everybody Wants To Be On TV" was released this month in the U.K. but is still absent in the U.S.

There are certain bands that just make you smile. It’s even better when you know them and no one else does. A few years back, a close friend sent me a few tracks from a band that had not yet broken in America. The band was Scouting For Girls. It is now three years later and guess what? They still haven’t broken in America.

Regardless, their first single from the second album has begun a very low key run on American top 40 radio which could be foreshadowing a U.S. release. This weeks song displays everything that is great about the band. They have a tone that is simply perfect led by lead singer Roy Stride (an awesome frontman name by the way). A beautiful pop sound from the trio, Scouting For Girls are a treat for the ears and are currently being withheld by Europe.

It is my hope that us American’s can get a taste of Scouting For Girls sooner than later. With the album still unreleased in America, check out the music video for this weeks song of the week “This Aint A Love Song” on YouTube (please note that the video has over 2,000,000 plays, no small feat for a band with almost zero U.S. exposure).

For more on Scouting For Girls, check out Dave’s #MusicMonday post about them.

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