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So, before last Thursday (4/22), I had never been to Terminal 5 (cue gasps), and I have to say I was very skeptical. Any venue that’s mainly general admission doesn’t scare me but I just hate lingering off to the side or in the back because it’s too crowded to obnoxiously push your way to the front. Its these kind of places that sometimes are impossible to not only see the show, but feel the show. And Hot Chip, my friends, is a show you need to feel.

For T-5 the Subway is a rough option when you’re in a rush, but then again so is a cab. I could have “easily” taken the 7 train to the 1 train, gotten off at 59th Street/Columbus Circle and walked about 4 Avenues … but I chose the good ole’ reliable yellow cab. Pulling up between 11th Avenue and the West Side Highway, I could hear the low thumping of what I hoped wasn’t yet The XX and I could smell the sweat from the street. Sweat that the walls have absorbed over the years, and I knew this night would just add to that oddly comforting stench.

As the line shortened I got word that The XX had already finished their set and I died a little inside. After having already seen them once at Bowery Ballroom, I couldn’t WAIT to see them again. Oh well, they’ll be back – and on to the next one.

We worked our way inside and to the upstairs bar where I immediately fell in love with the venue. It was almost go time for Hot Chip and there was no line for drinks, no one bumping into you, the bartenders were friendly and the place was much larger then I anticipated. After a few rounds, we made the executive decision to go downstairs and mesh into the crowd to have ourselves a real Hot Chip experience. To my pleasant surprise, we could see the stage clearly from wherever we were standing. But that wasn’t good enough: “buddy up guys, we’re pushing through!”

WOW, is all I have to say. Putting it into my top 5 shows, easily…I keep a real list, no jokes. The five-some swarmed the stage and it was on. Taking control of the crowd as they played new tunes and old tunes, we soon found ourselves right in the thick of things, jumping up and down to the beats and dancing in ways that only this type of crowd would accept. The sounds and vibrations hammered up through my feet right into my chest making my skin pound and my toes feel like they were pulsating, there is no better feeling.

As the show sadly game to an end after the anxiously awaited “Ready For The Floor,” the crowd piled in herds out onto the street where you could still hear people belting the words to the last song, “you’re my number one giiirrll” (myself included). Meghan, Ellen and I decided that the show was so noteworthy that we’d better go get a nearby drink so we could talk about the pure awesomeness that was Hot Chip (and also for me, Terminal 5). So, we walked very slowly and somewhat steadily to a nearby bar with self-brewed beers: The Pony Bar, on 45th and 10th, great spot for before or after.

The final outcome? I’ve since been making an ongoing list of not only possibly Hot Chip shows I can catch, but every possible Terminal 5 show that I can fit into my schedule. And by fit into my schedule, I mean I have cleared everything else to make them fit … dedication is a virtue.

Songs to check out by Hot Chip: “Ready For The Floor”

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