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#musicmonday: Kate Nash – “Do-Way-Doo”

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The Who:

Last week London based singer Kate Nash released her second album, “My Best Friend Is You,” a follow up to her popular first album “Made of Bricks.” Nash, who was just 20 when she released her first album, has found an audience in her particular style of music. Though Kate Nash’s music sounds, to the casual observer, like a Lily Allen rip off, it has a lot more thought and depth than anything of her counterparts.

The What:

The first single off of Nash’s new album is “Do-Wah-Doo.” In an interview with spin magazine, Nash described the song as, “about one my best friends from when I was younger. He totally betrayed me by hanging out with these enemies of mine–these perfect girls, who wore lip-gloss and talked about boys and were really annoying.”

The Why:

The song begins like something similar to some seventies song about surfing. Then Nash’s unique voice cuts in. Piano at her side, Nash is in her prime as she sings the verse. Then, almost as characteristically as her voice, she breaks out into the chorus with a hook that you can’t help but get stuck in you’re head. Horns come in and it all builds, before coming to a head with everything together in one jubilant mix. Despite the sheer happiness, this song seems to bleed, the song is actually fairly cynical–a testament to the awesome song writing ability of Kate Nash.

The Song:

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