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Record Store Day Showcases Best of Music Industry

Josh Feldman is a writer and podcast DJ from a suburb outside of Washington, D.C. On his podcast, The Sideswipe he talks about the music industry and other occurrences in the entertainment world. Holla Back at Josh on twitter @Jazzyfeldzle.

Music fans across the U.S. celebrated a great holiday, Record Store Day, last saturday. The “other day which will live in infamy” started in 2007. It was no surprise that an employee of an independent record store in the New England region, Chris Brown (no relation to the pop star) created the day with a group of his employees as a way to commemorate the unique culture which exists in hundreds of independent record stores nationwide. The holiday is always celebrated on the third saturday of April.

Just like each one of the stores is individually unique, so are their selections. As a feature of Record Store Day, stores stock special CDs, vinyl records, and other releases that can only be purchased on this day. Even some select locations have surprise artist appearances and concerts.

Since its inception, Record Store Day has been a total hit. April 17, 2010 marked the 3rd year anniversary of Record Store Day and also marked my first chance to celebrate. In a showcase, I will show you just a couple of the select stores I could visit in my area.

Replay Records: This store is one of those quaint little record stores that you either know of, have been to, or pass by every day. Regardless they have a great selection of vinyl records for all to like. They even have a selection of 7” records and CDs by local or other independently produced artists. If I had to recommend Replay Records to one group of people I would have to say classic rock fans. They have such a huge selection of “oldies but goodies”. Large Selection of New Release Vinyl like Owl City, Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, and Tv on the Radio.

Red Scroll Records: The glory that Red Scroll has over the small town of Wallingford is pretty impressive. Their motto is, “Underground Music & Culture,” and they live up to this name. They have hundreds of albums in stock ranging from: CDs, DVDs, vinyl, 7”, Tapes, the list goes on. They have an entire rack of used and new CDs. Underneath the new CDs there are boxes upon boxes of music. This store truthfully has wall to wall music selection. Deals offered that day were 20% off everything and a Surprise Performance by Failures (metal), Ampere (punk), Nomos (Hardcore Punk). Check out Rescroll Records on Twitter at: @redscroll.

Remember to support your neighborhood record store. There is nothing that holds a community together like an independent record store and there’s nothing more rewarding than going out and purchasing an album. Happy Belated Record Store Day!

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