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Harris' Song of the Week: "Leave!" by VV Brown

An infectious sound that could of only come out of Europe, VV Brown makes music that is fun, energetic, emotional and soulful, all at the same time. With an off the wall personality, Brown has been able to build a huge following in the United States before her album even released. The first time I skipped through the album (which came out on April 20th, 2010), it was clear that this would be a hit album and would give Brown some major respect in America.

The fourth song on the album “Leave!” is an upbeat anthem with a lyrical message. Running piano and a constant drum beat back Brown straight through the versus and as she hits the chorus she sings:

Cause it ain’t over till it’s all done
So let me finish my conversation
Yes I’m tryna get your attention
Cause your distracted by affection
Can’t you see that it isn’t true
What you thought you had and you knew
And I’ve been chosen to tell you
That you’re stupid and you know you gotta do it LEAVE!

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Listening to this album was the best feelings ever. There’s a feeling of happiness and it’s great to know that her energetic live show comes through on her record. A common problem with upbeat pop artists, Brown has no trouble bridging the gap between live performance and her record. Here’s “Leave!” on YouTube:

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