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O’Brien Returning To NBC, Consulting Leno, Favre For Advice

After a long bitter battle between NBC, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien resulted in Leno returning to “The Tonight Show,” O’Brien being kicked to the curb and NBC taking all of the heat, it seems as if things might finally be returning to normal at the network.

Despite huge ratings, NBC has decided to move Leno back into his 10 o’clock time slot and will reinstate O’Brien as host of “The Tonight Show.” The move came after NBC realized that if they didn’t resign O’Brien, he would likely go to a rival network. Ironically, the same problem presented itself originally when Leno was set to “retire” from NBC. Another factor in bringing O’Brien back was the emptiness of the time slot left vacant by Leno.

“The decision had to be made” Jeff Zucker, NBC’s President said, “we would either bring back “Friends” “ER” and “Seinfeld” or bring O’Brien back to NBC. There is no room for error this time. Bringing back the classic lineup of NBC shows was our original plan but then we saw Jennifer Anniston in “The Bounty Hunter” and rethought our options. The choice was obvious. We are bringing Conan back to late night, on NBC.”

O’Brien has contacted Leno to ask what it is like replacing someone against their will. Also in consultation for O’Brien is Brett Favre. The long time Green Bay Packer who returned to football to play for the rival Minnesota Vikings is no stranger to come backs. His numerous head injuries prevented Favre from being a huge help to O’Brien but he did advise that he would most likely get booed when he returned to Green Bay. Noticeably confused, O’Brien thanked Favre for his help.

In his time away from late night, O’Brien has taken up a Twitter account as a way to pass the time, often acting out various elements of his late night career in his backyard. We asked O’Brien about his decision to return to NBC. “The only offers on the table were from NBC and Fox. Fox wanted me to step in and replace Kiefer Sutherland on “24.” I thought that my personality would fit perfectly into the drama series but just days after the offer, they pulled the plug on the show altogether. That left NBC.”

A clearly annoyed O’Brien will undoubtedly spend weeks trashing NBC before settling back into his comfort zone behind the desk of “The Tonight Show.” As for Leno, he is once again ten o’clock bound and is excited about another shot at primetime. “The only reason I thought it would fail the first time is because NBC did not promote the new time slot enough” Leno said. “This time they have promised me that efforts will be doubled in getting the word out about my new show at ten o’clock on NBC.”

Either way, NBC is hopping in their “Hot Tub Time Machine” and turning the clock back to June of 2009 when O’Brien first took over “The Tonight Show” from Leno. Only time will tell if this next step for the network will work but Zucker stated “we expect the hippies to return to watch O’Brien in late night.”

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