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Harris’ Song of the Week: “Love Like Winter” by AFI

Seeing a band live can often influence your love or distaste for a ground. Five years ago after seeing Van Halen I become infatuated with their music, becoming a fan of everything the band had recorded previously. Although it has not manifested itself entirely yet, seeing AFI a few months ago left an indelible impression as far as music goes. My song of the week comes from the bands 2006 release “Decemberunderground” on which it was the second single.

The song opens with a stellar solo performance from lead singer Davey Havok over a smooth bed of strings. When the chorus kicks in, you are left with a magical reverb induced coma of perfect hooks blended with smooth guitar. This might be one of my favorite choruses of all time, using the reverbed guitar in a very repetitive fashion.The music video for the song can only be described as epic. Apart from the storyline of the video, the band performs in a dark forest during a ferocious snowstorm. Check out the music video for “Love Like Winter” below the fold.

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