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American Idol Recap, Predictions For Billboard #1′s Week

This week we got to see something great on “American Idol.” Although the performances weren’t the best we’ve seen, there was a clear separation of power. The men from the boys. The future stars from the Taylor Hicks. There were two distinct groups, the haves and the have nots. Here are the two groups:

The Have’s

The Have Nots

With that in mind, there were some great performances that were great and some that were the worst of the season. Starting with the best, Casey James and Krystal Bowersox both blew me away with incredible performances. I gave them both nines out of ten as they displayed unique qualities, making the songs their own and owning the vocal segments. Aaron Kelly was also incredible. Apparently singing with laringitis, Kelly scored an eight which would of been a nine had his vocal chords been 100%.

The worst performances of the night came from Tim Urban and Paige Miles. Both were bland, boring and featured massive pitch problems. Randy made comments to both artists telling Miles that “It was terrible” and Urban that the “Vocals were bad.” Things were made worse for Urban by a ill conceived slide he chose to insert in order to make his performance more memorable. These two will be remembered as the worst two performances of Billboard #1′s week on “American Idol.” If I had to choose the person who goes home it will be Miles who’s performance was a complete disaster.

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