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Six Bands You Need To Look Up From SXSW, You Probably Missed Them!!

South-By Southwest is often a blur. There are so many bands, so many venues and so much to do that it is nearly impossible to do it all. With that in mind, we have put together a list of ten bands that you most likely did not see in Austin but need to look up immediately. These bands all have a great sound, awesome recordings and could be this years breakout band on the pop charts!!

  1. Jaguar Love

    Jaguar Love: Probably one of the biggest highlights of the week, Jaguar Love have an infectious sound comparable to Passion Pit. What separates this group is there songwriting. The very thing that holds Passion Pit back, throttles Jaguar Love to the head of the class. There live sound is just as infectious as the recordings on their debut album “Hologram Jams.” Songs to download immediately: “Up All Night” and “Polaroids And Red Wine.

  2. Chiddy Bang: With his incredible rap style, Chiddy Bang might be known for sampling MGMT’s “Kids” into his own rap song called “Opposite of Adults” but he has a lot more to offer the music world. A little after midnight on the coldest night of SXSW, Chiddy Bang took the stage to a crowd of 40 and put on a dazzling display of beats and great rap runs. Songs to download immediately: “Opposite of Adults” and “Truth.”
  3. Patrick Stump

  4. Patrick Stump: While almost everyone was inside Stubb’s listening to Muse and Metric, the former Fall Out Boy frontman took the stage at Dirty Dog, providing the crowd with a taste of what his solo career will be like. Some melodic songs and catchy riffs were front and center as Stump impressed all in attendance. Songs to download immediately: none, there are currently no songs in release by Stump. I would recommend checking out our YouTube video of his performance at SXSW.
  5. The Law: The very first band I stumbled across in Austin, The Law are a Scottish rock band with an incredibly easy to follow sound. Their straight forward sound reminds me of other European bands and a great on stage chemistry gives them a great edge. The recordings are just as good as their debut album “A Measure Of Wealth.” Songs to download immediately: “The Chase” and “Milk & Honey.”
  6. American Bang: Another band that was featured at the Bungalow, these Nashville rock stars have a classic rock image but a really modern take on the genre. With a slight country flair this hard rock band has a really full sound and great hooks once you hit the chorus in almost any of their songs. Songs to download immediately: “Wild and Young” and “Whiskey Walk.”

    VV Brown

  7. VV Brown: It is unfair to put VV into this category. Most of the bands above played at least one showcase in front of a sparse audience. The British Embassy showcase I attended featuring Brown was completely packed. She has a natural energy that the crowd feeds off of. Sporting a crafty mask and a huge drum to her left, Brown has a huge voice and some great songwriting skills to pair it with. Songs to download immediately: “Shark In The Water” and “Crying Blood.”

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  • Comment by katy posted March 24, 2010 at 12:47

    chiddy bang is playing at goucher’s spring fling………