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Estelle, Street Sweeper Social Club Tear The Roof Off SXSW

Street Sweeper Social Club

Cold weather and outdoor concerts. Things that do not usually work well together. Luckily for those at the Bungalow on Saturday night, the cold was the last thing on there minds. With SXSW drawing to a close and most of the best artists already on their way out of town, Texas was in store for one last treat courtesy of Billboard.

Street Sweeper Social Club, fronted by former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, took the stage by storm, providing forty-five minutes of non-stop hard rock. The group itself has an amazing on stage chemistry, feeding off each other and putting together a sound that both reflects Morello’s famous style and reinvents itself. The fresh sound of the entire package is complimented by the classic sound of Morello’s guitar.

With a set that included covers such as M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” there was an incredible energy in the crowd, fueled by the way each member of SSSC moved around the stage. There was something infectious about both their style and sound. This was surely one of the best performances of the week.

Not to be outdone, Estelle took the stage again trying to brave the temperature which had dipped below forty degrees. After a massive amount of technical difficulties, Estelle finally took the stage sporting high heels, oversized glasses and a band of seven. She raced through her set which included “Shine” and “One Love” before closing with her smash single “American Boy.”



What was really nice about her performance was the way she both moved on stage and interacted with the crowd. Her voice aside, she is an amazing talents, working the crowd, telling personal stories and really making a connection with a large portion of the audience during her set. Although most of the people in attendance only new that final song, most were blown away by her incredible sound.

Following these two big name artists were Rye Rye and Chiddy Bang, two rappers from different parts of the country. Philidelphia based Chiddy Bang put together an awesome set, establishing his name as one of the best up and coming rap artists on the East Coast. Rye Rye took the stage after midnight and was able to draw almost forty people up to the front of the stage, to dance and sing for an elongated set.

All in all, Billboard put together one of the best nights of music under one roof at SXSW. Despite the near freezing temperatures and biting wind, those who showed up for the show will remember a night of great music and forget about not being able to feel their extremities.

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