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Wrapping Up My First Day In Texas At SXSW

My feet hurt. My eyes are exhausted. Even with ear plugs in most of the day, my ears are ringing. All part of a day in the life at South By Southwest!! My first full day here in Texas was really great. It seemed like a never ending journey through music as bands were constantly performing (at clubs, bars, alleys and in the middle of the street), pitching themselves to you or trying to sell you things.

What makes this festival great is that you can do things that you cannot do anywhere else in the country. Those of you following me on Twitter or checking in with The Truth About Music during the day, know that my first experience came from stumbling into a random (empty) bar. SXSW provides you the opportunity to see bands you wouldn’t normally see and discover the best of what’s next in music.

Personally, I enjoyed the day time more than the night time. The sun was shining and the atmosphere was much more relaxed. You could casually walk in and out of bars, checking out the sounds and then moving on to find more. At night, it was more chaotic. There were a lot more people and the lines for certain clubs often stretched around the block. For the most part, I was able to get in and see the bands I wanted to see, but didn’t get to discover anything new (like I did during the day).

The highlight of the day came with that very first band, The Law. They really showed me what SXSW is all about, playing in a room for ten people but rocking out like it were packed. I’m going to be interviewing them tomorrow!! In addition to them, my schedule is packed tomorrow. I’m going to be interviewing Kate Voegele, Lovedrug and VV Brown. As far as shows, I am planning to check out Ozomatli, She & Him, VV Brown, The Ready Set, Twin Atlantic, The Summer Set, Estelle, Hey Monday and Nevershoutnever. Tomorrow also features The Stone Temple Pilots who I will go see if time allows.

Today was great!! I met some really nice people and am looking forward to three more days full of music at SXSW. Check back here tomorrow for more live blogging, Tweeting, pictures and videos live from Austin.

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