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Twin Atlantic, The Law Interview Reactions From SXSW

I just got finished interviewing Twin Atlantic and The Law, two Scottish bands playing SXSW this year. The larger group, Twin Atlantic, is currently touring the United States in support of their first U.S. album, “Vivarium.” Both bands are touring in America for the first time and both arrived here just one week ago. It was nice to sit down and talk with bands that were out of the loop when it comes to American culture.

The Law gave a great insight on the recording of their record (which I still have not listened to). I was curious if they felt their great live show translated well into a recorded album. They seemed to think that it does, capturing the natural style and chemistry of the band. Being their first full week in America, they had just come from New York and were only here for a little while longer before heading back to Scottland.

Twin Atlantic are here for a longer duration. They are currently on tour with support from Red Bull Records and are essentially circuling America. They mentioned some of their favorite places in the country with mixed answers. One thinks Orlando and another thought Nashville. I’ll have more on both of these bands later in the week but I just wanted to give you some quick reactions to the interviews.

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