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American Idol Recap, Predictions For Rolling Stones Week

This week, as “American Idol” often does, featured all of the performers singing songs by the same artist. The artist in question for the round of twelve was The Rolling Stones. An interesting move for Idol, having the top twelve sing songs by this group could of spelled doom for many of the contestants while others would see this is an opportunity. To many peoples┬ásurprise, this was not the case.

While there were some great performances, not one singer stood out as being the best in the group. Instead there were two groups, the better of the best and the worst of the best. The better group featured seven performers, all of which scored either 8′s or 9′s on my rating scale from 1-10. If you had to pick a winner from the week, it would be Siobahn Magnus, who shined singing “Paint It Black.” What made her so good was her vast improvement. She showed poise on stage while performing her best of the year. Also in this better of the best group were Aaron Kelly, Krystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche, Casey James, Katie Stevens and Paige Miles. All of these performers were solid, but did nothing to distinguish themselves above the rest.

Among the worst of the best were Didi Benami who performed a lifeless interpretation of “Play With Fire” and Tim Urban who performed a generic reggae version of “Under My Thumb.” These were the two worst of the night and are most deserving to be sent home. Andrew Garcia, Lee Dewyze and Lacey Brown round out the group. Although these performers have earned another week from their previous works, none of them were great during Rolling Stones week.

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