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Discover New Music With ‘Left As Rain’

Keegan Forte is blogger from New York City. On her Blog, Music Is My Forte, she writes about concerts and music industry happenings. You can follow her on Twitter at @keeganforte.

When it comes to listening to music nowadays, the Internet has no doubt become a crowd favorite. Whether downloading music you know or seeking out something new, finding what you want is really just a click or two away. However, as abundant as these sites may be, there is no better feeling then finding one that you love and trust (yes, trust). I have two top favorites, but today, I’m gonna talk about music monster Left As Rain

The site (or blog) was born in 2007 and has since evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Creators, Alex Mejias and Chris Thomas, are attracting music hungry ears from not only all over the US but also from Turkey, Germany, UK, Brazil, France, South Korea, Australia and Portugal (just to name of few)!

Alex and Chris are both designers and describe themselves as avid appreciators of music. In asking Chris about how their tastes in music collide he commented, “We have different but very compatible tastes in music, so it works out perfectly, makes for a great variety of selections.” The boys choose the music they post from anywhere and everywhere and consistently add a few tracks per day, never leaving their audience without plenty of content to enjoy.
But alas, there are countless music sites out there on the great WWW, so what makes Left As Rain so special? My answer is simple; it’s a no frills free music streaming site that plays song after song after song from the moment you get there. You don’t have to search, you don’t have to build a playlist and, most importantly, you don’t have to think. Just type in and voila you’ve got hours of stellar music. With its super-simple layout, witty two liner descriptions, outrageous number of tunes and humble yet genius creators, you really can’t go wrong. Oh, and check out the ‘shuffle’ button on the top right … it’ll really get your music juices pumping.

As Alex and Chris hope to soon launch a Left As Rain iPhone application, it’s clear that the site will certainly grow and mature with the constantly evolving world of music; “To think that people are listening all around the globe is quite amazing, considering that the site has been entirely word of mouth. No ads, just people talking,” Chris said … keep it up boys!

Keegan Forte I want you to leave here everyday with a good sound in your ears with something new to listen to, a song that defines your day or week or life, a quote that will get you by and, of course, a desire to come back for more. As it says in Time Out New York’s book “1,000 Songs To Change Your Life:” “Music is everywhere we turn, unavoidable and inescapable. It provides a soundtrack for adolescence and adulthood, Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, relationships and break-ups, lives and deaths. Its simple ubiquity makes it the cultural air that we breathe.” …see full bio

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    Finally someone on this website has a brain.

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    Thanks for sharing. Great article!